Adidas Superstar Bounce Shoes S82237 Core Black



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Superstar Bounce Shoes S82237 Core Black - Superstar

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We don't want you to choose the wrong size when you order online. So, to make things a little easier for you we created simple, easy-to-read size charts to find the right size for any adidas product.

Not the right size? Don't worry! Return your items for free within 30 days. Read more in the return policy return policy.


First, don't measure your feet in the morning; feet often swell during the day due to heat and activity. For the best fit, measure your feet at the end of the day.
To measure your shoe size follow these instructions:
Place a piece of paper on the floor with one end against a wall. Stand on the piece of paper with your heel against the wall. Mark the piece of paper where your toes end with a pencil.
Measure from the end of the piece of paper to the mark you created with your pencil and compare the measurement to our sizing chart.
That's easier said then done. Because, what do you do if you are in between two sizes?
In this case it might be safest to go for the size up, rather than the size down. And you know what? You can just try them on at home.
Not the right size? Don't worry! Return your items for free within 30 days. Check out our return policy for more details.
1.How do I check my order or delivery status?
You can track your order by following the link in your Shipment Confirmation email.
If you have not received a Shipment Confirmation email, you can also check the status of your order via the Order Tracker page. Simply enter your order number and email address, then click ‘Track Order’ to open the page displaying your order details.
2.Why is my order late?
We always aim to deliver your order within our standard delivery times, but sometimes unexpected factors can cause delays in your delivery.
Here are some reasons your delivery might be late:
      1.Your order was shipped during our sales and promotions season.
      2.You ordered more than one product. In exceptional circumstances your order may arrive in different packages and on different dates.
      3.Your order was placed during a German public holiday or a local public holiday. Our main warehouse is in Germany, and it is home base for each and every one of our products.
         There were unpredictable circumstances beyond our control.
3.How do I return my product(s)?
You can make online returns if you had the delivery shipped by post to your preferred delivery address. If you paid and picked up the products at a store, then please return them to a store.
Online Shop:You can return your online order free of charge within 30 days of receiving your order. When returning your online order, choose one of the drop off points from the carrier that originally delivered it. It is only possible to return your parcel with the same carrier.
  1. Returns with Parcelforce / Royal Mail:
  2. Print out your return form & return label via the order tracker, using your email address and order number.
  3. Fill out your return form with your return reasons(s) and insert into the parcel, then seal the box.
  4. Attach the return label to the parcel over the original label.
  5. Keep note of the tracking number stated on the return label.
  6. Drop off your parcel at a local post office.
4.Can I get a notification when a product is back in stock?
Yes, you can. If the product you want was on the Online Shop but your size is no longer available, you can request to be notified when your size is back.
We will do our best to find you your size and notify you, but sometimes it’s not possible. If the product doesn’t come available within a 30 days period we will cancel the notification request.

5.What is the warranty on my product(s)?
Quality is paramount to us. We thoroughly test all our products in real-life conditions to make sure they are in the best possible position to stand up to the uses they were designed. But it’s an inevitable reality that products can get damaged on their way to the buyer.
If a product you purchased from our online shop has a quality issue and you want to return it, you must return it to the online shop. Once you do our quality assurance department will inspect it. If you want to return a product that you bought at one of our own stores because of a quality issue, you must return it to one of our stores in that country. The staff will inspect the damage.
You are refunded if we assess that the product was damaged during the manufacturing process, or if they are in a different condition to how they are supposed to come from the factory. We compensate costs for defective products.
We cannot compensate for products that were damaged for other reasons, including damage by negligence, misuse or wear and tear. We cannot compensate if the product was bought from anywhere other than our Online Shop or one of our official stores.
Please note the life expectancy of a product depends on the individual using it; their characteristic wear pattern and the conditions in which it’s used. Products damaged by normal wear and tear, or products that have exceeded their reasonable lifespan, will not be not replaced.

6.How do I use my voucher?
With a voucher, you're able to get a discount when you purchase products through our online store. Here's how to claim your discount:
  1. Pick a product (one that's applicable for a voucher discount) from our online store.
  2. Go to your shopping bag by clicking the 'Check out' button at the top of the screen.
  3. Click ‘Enter promo code’ under your order summary.
  4. A voucher field will appear. Type your voucher code into the field and hit ‘Apply'.